Best Man Speech Ideas for a Groom Who's Been Married Before

Being asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding is always an honor, but when the groom has been married before, it can add an extra layer of complexity to your speech. How do you acknowledge the groom's past while still keeping the focus on his new beginning? How do you strike the right tone and avoid any awkward moments?

At BestManSpeechPro, we understand the challenges of crafting a best man speech for a second or third marriage. That's why we've put together this guide with ideas and tips to help you create a toast that honors the groom's journey and celebrates his new love.

Idea 1: Acknowledge the groom's growth 

One way to approach a best man speech for a groom who's been married before is to focus on how he's grown and changed since his previous marriage(s). Talk about the lessons he's learned, the wisdom he's gained, and the ways in which he's become a better partner and person.

Example: "[Groom's Name], I've known you for [X] years, and I've watched you go through some incredible highs and lows. But what's always impressed me is your resilience and your ability to learn from your experiences. You've grown so much since your first marriage, and I know that you're entering this new chapter with a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a relationship work."

Idea 2: Celebrate the power of second chances 

Another angle to take is to celebrate the power of second chances and the courage it takes to open your heart to love again. Emphasize the groom's bravery in taking this leap and the special nature of his connection with his new spouse.

Example: "When [Groom's Name] told me he was getting married again, I couldn't have been happier for him. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there after a divorce, but [Groom's Name] has always been one to face his fears head-on. And when I see him with [Bride's Name], I know that he's found something truly special. Their love is a testament to the power of second chances and the beauty of opening your heart to new possibilities."

Tip 1: Be sensitive to the present audience 

When writing your speech, be mindful of who will be in attendance at the wedding. The groom's ex-spouse or children from a previous marriage may be present, so it's important to avoid anything that could be hurtful or insulting. Keep your focus on the positive and the present, rather than dwelling on the past.

Tip 2: Don't compare the new spouse to the ex 

It might be tempting to draw comparisons between the groom's new spouse and his ex, but this is a risky move that can easily backfire. Instead, focus on celebrating the unique qualities and strengths of the groom's new partner and the special connection they share.

Idea 3: Look to the future 

While it's important to acknowledge the groom's past, your speech should ultimately be focused on the future he's building with his new spouse. Talk about your hopes and dreams for their marriage, and the excitement you feel in watching them start this new chapter together.

Example: "[Groom's Name] and [Bride's Name], I know that you've both been through a lot to get to this moment. But I also know that you're stronger and wiser because of it. As you stand here today, surrounded by the love and support of your friends and family, I see nothing but bright possibilities ahead of you. I know that you'll face whatever challenges come your way with grace, humor, and an unshakeable commitment to each other. And I can't wait to watch your love story unfold."


Crafting a best man speech for a groom who's been married before can be a delicate balancing act, but with the right approach, it's an incredible opportunity to celebrate new beginnings and the enduring power of love.

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